Montag, 12. Februar 2007


sometimes life isn't that bad. that sounds kinda weird coming out of my mouth huh?!? haha ... hm i guess hating-habits will come back soon. otherwise i'll have some troubles with writing new lyrics. who wants to hear metal songs about happyness?? i guess nobody! xD ... don't take me too serious anyway. i still hate my life. and some people. many of 'em. i hate the new german voice of marge simpson. i still hate george fucking bush and odd numbers. i hate racism and it's idiotic representatives. i saw a documentary yesterday about some white people beating up a black man because of his colour. grrrrrrrrr. fuck now i want to kill somebody. or playing violent computergames. listening to manson. haha. whatever. tired i am. writing blocks sucks indeed. without television and beer timmy's going mad. without television and bee timmy's going mad. i am mad. write something to me, i am bored as hell, ... now!!! what you're waiting for!!! i said now. damn. it's nearly 00:00 ..... whitching hour. lol. haha. fuck off.