Mittwoch, 9. Mai 2007

seize the day (or die regretting the time you lost)

so you think my entries have been boring latley? depressive?
then maybe you have a little impression of me as a person now. haha. just joking. i am not boring! ^^ and I am happy from time to time. so stop judging me for my posts, ok? didn't force anybody to read them at all. they just help me to think clear about things sometimes. and my thoughts have been really confused in the last weeks. kinda funny how single persons are able to control your feelings so much sometimes. i'm feeling sad and kinda lost because one girl broke up with me one and a half months ago, shouldn't i feel better slowly? hm ... maybe an emotional person like me takes longer times for relief :P things are always getting better at one point, you just have to wait. i like to spend time with her as a friend anyway. i'm not a child, i can stand that. just stop dreaming and face reality. this is what i do, i'm successful with that on some of the days, but i'm not on some others. so what is right and what is supposed to be wrong? i lost the view about that a long time ago and i stopped trying to figure out what is the best way to go, i just go on and take my fate, whatever it is, whatever comes. so you might wanna know what else is new?! some little thoughts in my head deals with other things too. believe it or not :P ... Hetzi is going to move to Tyrol next week, this is the best news in ages because it is hard when your best friend lives so far away sometimes. icq, msn & cell phones help to handle that though. hehe. that also means that we can start real bandpractises next week, how cool is that??? we're going to have a photo session with zac, and we will record 2-3 demo songs in july. school is working out quite 'ok' again and i'm still looking for a job around. maybe moving into an appartment with Hetzi and his girlfriend in summer / autumn. sounds cool huh? :) yaaaaaaaaaay this post is already too long, if you read all of that you got a quite deep view into my personal hell now. better forget everything again, just my weird thoughts on one rainy day written down. don't mind. and be aware. wolves bite, and so does life!

Dienstag, 8. Mai 2007


sup? im bored. watching dr. house, but i know the episode. die