Samstag, 17. März 2007

swan dive

I can look back to another 'i am so depressed because i'm one year older again, now I have to get drunk'-friday. It all started when Steve came to my place to have a little jamsession with me. Some time later Maria appeared and as usual her endless talking started to make me kinda tired ;) (she's nice though!) But the real beginning of this pretty night was when Susi and Zac appeared with a bottle of prosecco. We had another one after it... At 10 pm we finally decided to bring ourselfs to go to the poolhall before we would fall asleep. We met some nice people there, some of them invited me for a drink, I invited myself some times, so you might imagine, I was drunk pretty fast and playing pool was really funny then. I was good anyway. Don't know exactly if anything interesting happened after that, but I don't think so :D

Mittwoch, 14. März 2007

Twentytwo . Ventidue . Zweiundzwanzig (22)

So now I am 22. Doesn't feel very special, I just want to get drunk now, but I'll gotta wait till friday to have some parteey xD Somebody told me I have to make plans for family and children now, but I think I'll give it another year *haha* ... or some more ...
I'll finally finish school this year and I'm looking forward to earning my own money so much.
Just need a good job now, hm ... any ideas? mail me.
see ya

Montag, 12. März 2007


I know I am late. but who the fxxx cares?
There was a massive traffic jam on saturday so we had to postpone our session to the next day. To make it short ... it was great! I think we have a new drummer, and this one kicks ass. We'll work on some songs now and maybe even record something soon.
I went out with one of my best friends Susi which I haven't met for some weeks before and I got to know her boyfriend Zac, which forced me to speak english the whole night ... not quite easy after some beers, believe me xD
On saturday I was at Hannes place for some jammin', that was pretty cool too. And spending some time with my girlfriend after it, I was looking forward to that the whole week. All in all it was a very nice weekend once again.
Hm ... this entry has a big lack of 'weirdness' (I just invented that word), but I will catch up on that next time!