Sonntag, 18. Februar 2007


"grindcore is ned guad für de birn" - to quote a friend. check out 'rompeprop' this shit is really mad. i kinda like it. at least sometimes. but at the end of the day i end up with a7x, bfmv or machine head just like every day.
how to define a perfect weekend? drinking with my best friends, beeing with the most beautiful and nice girl walking on earth, heavy metal and the wonderful feeling of beeing dead on sunday morning. if this is my expectation of a perfect weekend i guess this one was pretty close. i just realized that i sound much too optimistic. i am emo. cutting myself. ewww that hurts. i'll stop that. have a nice week. +argh+ thinking of school takes me down again :/ ... better read hannes' blogs - they are longer xD