Samstag, 24. März 2007


life is a rollercoaster. as hannes' favorite artist RONAN KEATING said once!
i gotta clear my mind and arrange my thoughts a little bit.
TV makes me stupid. But I like that. Listening to A7X and watching stupid Jonathan Frakes in X-Factor at the same time is pretty funny. Give it a try! haha.
Hmmmm... maybe we can manage it to record a song today. We have two songs now. One of mine, it is about killing and stuff I once posted a drawing of it xD and the last 'Flying Sticks song' without a name because Matt wrote the lyrics and he needs time to think of one (it is 1 year old now *lol*).
Have a nice day. Or not. Whatever you want. Don't trust in girls. Or humans in general. I like animals. Holy shit. What am I actually talking about?!? I should become a politician. Talking about nothing for hours, I can do that. I can do it well. haha.

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